AppDirect's cloud commerce platform is changing how businesses work, from start to scale.

Our multifaceted product empowers companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes to buy and sell business software.

By decreasing the burden of finding and buying enterprise-grade applications, it lowers the cost of entrepreneurship. By simplifying the way employees access and manage technology, it eases the day-to-day work of millions of people around the world. By streamlining the distribution and delivery of software, it fuels the spread of innovation.

The platform offers more advanced features and tools and caters to more markets than any other competitor, placing us at the forefront of tackling technical challenges, defining solutions, and delivering the best user experience.

Employees 400
Headquarters SF
Global Offices 10
User Reach 30M

We build and expand our ecosystem of business software by partnering with some of the biggest technology companies in the world, including:

Samsung, Rackspace, Comcast, Google, DocuSign, Box

Our Company Principles

  • Ownership
  • PMA
  • Humility
  • True North
  • Intensity

The Design Department plays a central role in innovating our product, engaging our customers, and strengthening our company values.

We are agile and adept, working across multiple departments and drawing on many disciplines to solve problems and create solutions. Our team has a foothold and our work has a footprint across the entire company, from Product and Engineering to Marketing and Sales to Recruiting and HR.

We design the future of our platform (and industry).

We generate ideas, tools, and materials that drive our business and technology forward.

And we work on making AppDirect the best place to work.

Our ability to advocate for our users, communicate with our customers, and support our colleagues is vital not just to the success of the team, but to the entire company.

While working on revolutionizing the global economy, we share many jokes, drinks, and stories along the way. Our best work comes from sitting down with the most talented group of people next to the most inspiring view in the Bay.

With a 360º outlook spanning bridge to bridge and stretching into the distance, there is no limit to what we can envision and accomplish together.

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Our Design Principles

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
  • Utility
  • Quality
Visual Designer

Carolyn Cuykendall

I work primarily on marketing and internal communications. My favorite part of work is the breadth of projects and learning opportunities available. Outside of work I like to go on road trips.

Visual Designer

Alex Capasso

My favorite projects speak to my roots in print, but no matter the form, design is at its best when it’s both functional and pleasing to interact with. I enjoy drinking coffee, and the deafening sound of my Marshall JMP.

Product Designer

Donna Chan

I'm all about empathy, humor, and chocolate cake. My curiosity, quirks, and diverse background are not only embraced but harnessed here.

Web Developer

Alex Emslie

I love learning new coding techniques and web frameworks to bring designers' creations to life. The SF office is awesome because it allows me easy access to cocktails and ramen.


Joe Mayo

My work benefits from our office’s incredible natural light. Time spent on film sets and in television studios has given me a narrative sensibility that informs my efforts to promote and document AppDirect.

Design Director

Ben Domanico

I am passionate about defining a strong design culture through creative processes and team leadership. My background in fine art and user-centered design gives me a unique perspective at AppDirect.

Product Designer

Ryan Boye

I believe the best design is solving real problems for real people. I’m passionate about constantly learning new things to help inform what I do. I like to dabble in programming and the occasional illustration.

Web Developer

Dan Hoerr

Whether coding complicated layouts or connecting a dozen moving pieces to create an application feature, I am most happy solving problems with code.

Visual Designer

Ian Mintz

I once wrote poems,

but I now draw and design.

It is my calling.

Product Designer

Isaak Hayes

I’ve always been a designer and artist. I love solving problems, exploring new possibilities, and getting into a zone where time stands still and I’m able to just create.

Visual Designer

Eric Seanor

I work primarily on marketing and internal communications. My favorite part of work is the breadth of projects and learning opportunities available. Outside of work I like to go on road trips.

Visual Designer

Derick Carss

Whether I’m working on print, digital, identity or illustration projects I’m always focused on designing for effective communication. I enjoy travel and looking for inspiration in new places.

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Product Designer

As Product Designer, you will define and design the AppDirect experience. Your work embodies our design principles and you will be a passionate advocate of the people who use our platform. If you love tackling complex challenges and mapping uncharted territory, then this is the position for you.

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